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Welcome to Healing Thai Massage Website! If you’re looking for a professional Thai Massage therapist, you’ve come to the right place.

We are trained in a variety of modalities, and you can check our services page to learn more about the various techniques we use.

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Thai Massage

Thai massage is more energizing and rigorous than most other forms of massage therapy. It’s also called Thai Yoga massage, because I use my hands, knees, legs, and feet to move you into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches.

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Hot Stone Therapy

Hot Stone Therapy is a style of massage where heated stones are placed at specific sites on your body to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in your muscles. Muscles that are heated with these stones release tension and stress much more deeply and quickly than with a traditional massage.

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Reflexology is a type of bodywork that focuses on applying pressure to the specific nerve zones in your feet. Unlike other foot massages that intend to mostly relieve tension in the feet themselves, reflexology is a far more in-depth science that aims to harmonize your entire body.

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Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is a very relaxing and therapeutic style of bodywork. It combines oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion to help the body improve its circulation.

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Thai Massage

What is today called “Thai massage” or “Thai yoga massage” is an ancient healing system combining acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principles, and assisted yoga postures. The founding father of Thai massage was an Ayurvedic doctor named Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, who is revered still in Thailand as the “father of medicine”. Born in India during the time of the Buddha, he is noted in ancient documents for his extraordinary medical skills, his knowledge of herbal medicine, and for having treated important people of his day, including the Buddha himself.

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I love this place. It’s a little hole in the wall, hidden gem in a strip center. These ladies know what they’re doing for sure, though. I am very sensitive, bruise easily and can’t take to firm a hand, and this place was perfect. Don’t be afraid to have the ladies walk on your back and do the full experience. It’s actually very comfortable and feels great later. Highly recommend it, going again soon! - Tara T.

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